XCMG has always kept its vanguard role in Chinese construction machinery industry for 25years.
  • 2611

    XCMG, Shines on the International Market

  • 2311

    Win for All! XCMG Signs with Rio Tinto, a Worldwide Known Mining Giant

  • 2211

    100 Million USD! XCMG Embraces the World with a Shared Future!

  • 2111

    Lift 1,926-ton Tower Overseas! What a Show! XCMG 4000-tonnage Crawler Crane in Saudi Arabia!

  • 0911

    Spectacular giant! "The World's No. 1 Crane", XCMG 4000-Ton Crawler Crane Successfully Completes its First Lifting in Saudi Arabia

  • 0811

    XCMG Opens the First Overseas Bank of China's Manufacturing Industry!

  • 0711

    XCMG Apprentice "Season 5"

  • 0611

    XCMG, China's First Loader Brand in Export

  • 0511

    XCMG ET120 "Steel Mantis" made its debut in Brazil, electrifying all attendees

  • 0411

    Global cooperation & strategic win-win | XCMG and Cummins signed a strategic partnership agreement

  • 0211

    Departure ceremony of XCMG 700t hydraulic excavator, "No. 1 Excavator of China"!

  • 0111

    2019 XCMG Crane International Customer Festival | Golden arms embrace friendship and build a better future

  • 2810

    XCMG Apprentice Program inspires creative talents with an insightful visit to the company

  • 2510

    XCMG Attends the Achievement Exhibition on Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of China

  • 2210

    [Commemorate the 70th anniversary of PRC founding] XCMG Crane has completed the replacement of Chairman Mao’s portrait on Tian’anmen for 53 years in a row

  • 1910

    XCMG won the bid of the world renowned mining giant Rio Tinto Group

  • 1710

    Keep Spouting for 60 Years! Power of XCMG behind the Largest Oil Field in China

  • 1510

    CCTV-Journey of Discovery! Mystery behind XCMG’s best-selling truck-mounted Crane for 16 consecutive years!

      • No.1 among Chinese construction machinery industry
      • No.5 among world construction machinery industry
      • No.2 among Top 100 enterprises in Chinese machinery industry